PVC Toilet Partition
Club Bathroom Stall
There are various types of pvc club toilet bathroom stall partition for the buyer to choose. It have been proved that the pvc panel is more durable and slam resistance than ordinary building material by multiple lab testing.

PVC panel is a synthetic building material, which can effectively replace the anti-corrosion of the stainless steel and have a huge advantage in the strength and hardness. The surface on the both side are fireproof layer, which can prevent the fire to burn, and we can customized the color and types as the buyer like, so energetic the appearances of the cubicles are, the students are such fancy with the school bathroom stall. Most ordianry building material may deform when the shipping, while the pvc panel are tough enough to prevent it to deform. 

Our Product had passed CE, SGS, Intertek, TUV, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 certification. Click the button to view more our certificates and patents.


* PVC panels are resistant to vandalism

* Never deform and colour fading

* High cyclic utilization rate

* Availabla in multiple colours

* Up to 20 years service life with 10 years warranty

Product Overview

* Standard size: H1950mm*D1200mm*W1000mm

* Door: W600mm*H1720mm

* Panel thickness: 18mm, 27mm, 37mm

* Fitting: Aluminum alloy

* Color: Pink (Customized acceptable)


Style Option


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