School Toilet Cubicles
Primary School Toilet Cubicles
One of the ready sale school toilet cubicles are popular with all ages and fit anywhere.

Made from multiple layers of great quality kraft paper, reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure and temperature.Unlike the plastic fittings toilet partition, this nylon fitting are of polish surface with a better hand-touching and it will not easier to be scratched than plastics.

The ideal choice of washrooms and changing rooms that have very high traffic, robust without fearing of wet conditions.


* Step preventable panels are resistant to vandalism

* Hanging braced style, visual expression

* Easy to install, clean and maintain

* Available in multiple colors

* 10 to 20 years service life


* Standatd size: H1920*D1500*W900mm

* Door: H1720*W600mm

* Panel: 12mm HPL panel

* Fittings: nylon hardware


Floor Plan

Head rail braced style is a kind of style with easy installation. It is also the most wide used style in schools, hospitals and commerical places. For primary schools, thsi kind of toilet cubicle is also the best choice. Children in primary school are growing fast physically, so a toilet cubicle with enough space is necessory, no mention there are teachers and workers in school. 

Style Option

Most students prefer to the school toilet cubicles for the privacy and ventilation, the pastel and concise style is quite fitted in the way of a school. If you are looking for primay school toilet cubicles, contact us for more information, we also provides customizde size, materials and fittings


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